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More FM radio for Norway, new digital area!

More FM radio for Norway, new digital area!
Since the beginning of 2017, this northern country has been working on the transition from its FM radios to digital radios. Is France late?

Today, we can say that Norway is the first country in the world to forget the frequency (FM) on its radios. On January 11, 2017, the 100% digital mission began with the city of Bodø in Nordland.
The transition to digital terrestrial (RNT) is the delight of the State of Norway which sees its financial costs drastically decrease, and the number of radios broadcast increase from 5 FM radio to more than 22 or even 42 radios in the future. In addition, this new digital terrestrial radio offers better sound quality, better dissemination of alerts, more productive coordination between radio and the media.
On the other hand, for Internet users and listeners, this transition leaves something to be desired. Indeed, it is necessary to equip receivers ranging from 100E to 200E, a mandatory budget if you want to listen to music and update itself in relation to information.
Who will follow Norway in digitizing radios?

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