Les Indés Radios won the bronze medal

Vendredi 21 Juin 2019
Every month l’Alliance pour les Chiffres de la Presse et des Médias (ACPM) announces the ranking of the most popular radio stations on the Internet.
Les Indés Radios won the bronze medal


The published figures reflect the global distribution of internet radio on all digital listening media: smartphone, tablet, PC, connected TV, internet box, connected receiver, digital transistor, feed aggregator ...). This month Les Indés Radios saw their performances increase significantly. Indeed, in just one month, the group has won over 3 million active plays in France since April. This score of 23.1 million listenings enabled them to obtain the 3rd place in the ranking of the groups of most listened radios. The active plays in France (or Active Sessions) is the "Number of listenings of an Internet radio, open for 30 seconds or more, only from France and overseas territories, regardless of the terminal used . "


You can of course find the Allzic Radio thematic webradios on Les Indés Radios’ platform:  

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