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70% of the French population will receive DAB+ by 2020

70% of the French population will receive DAB+ by 2020
What is really the transition to digital terrestrial radio (RNT) ? Explanations on DAB+ technology...

You've probably heard about it, the transition to DAB+ (digital audio broadcast) is gradually taking place to allow listeners to enjoy the radio for free wherever they are.

Since 2017 with the deployment of DAB+ at the national level, the Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA) provides coverage of 70% of the French population in metropolitan France by 2020, to then reach 85% in the following years.

The technical difference with FM lies in the conversion of music into digital information before going on the airwaves. This digital format can enhance the music with data such as album cover photos.

However, there are still some details to know about the operation of the DAB+. First of all, it is necessary to be equipped with a radio compatible with the technology. Some recent and high-end radios are able to receive the DAB+, however, you can get a compatible post from 30 euros.

According to Olivier Schrameck, former president of the CSA, "the development of the DAB+ could in no way put into question the future of the FM". It seems important to note that DAB+ receivers can also receive FM.

You can find all cities and regions equipped with the DAB+ reception here:

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